Monday, June 13, 2011

Anonymous hackers: "Congratulations Mr. Assad, You have received the undivided attention of Anonymous"

AnonOps Communications: Anonymous hackers: "Congratulations Mr. Assad, You...: "The hacker community known as Anonymous has issued a communiqué and declared an operation against Bashar al Assad and the Syrian regime." The cutting of internet by Syrian authorities and the massive operations it's military was carrying out against civilian populations has deeply angered the hacking community.

The Annonymus Letter says:
One of the actions will be to remove the websites of Syrian embassies abroad.

“So long as Assad remains in power and the criminal and evil regime retains it’s ability to torture, kill, and imprison their own people; Anonymous will continue this campaign of removing the Syrian Embassy web sites from the internet and interfering with the communications channels via Black Fax and E-Mail Bomb campaigns.” says another communiqué

You can follow the operation with Twitter's hashtag #opSyria and on the group's blog at:

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