Tuesday, November 27, 2007

World AIDS day Vigil & Mass

St. Johns hosted a World AIDS Day Vigil and Mass at the St. Thomas Moore church at the Jamaica Queens Campus in order to remember and hold a moment of silence for those suffering with AIDS and those countless others that have perished due to virus.

The main theme of the message was "To Take the Lead" in the fight aganist AIDS, just as Jesus expects us to do what is right, we must become a active member of the fight, instead of being a passive observer.

The AIDS day vigil was sponsored by St. Johns Campus Ministry and other organizations and it was attended by various student leaders from organizations ranging from the Guyanese Student Association to STAND.

The Service was a reflection on those that we wish were here with us today and those who's faces we see as we look at that ribbon. The speaker said "we live in a word which does not want to see and sometimes we must confess we do not want to see either. So in silence, one by one, you may turn your back onto the ribbon." Representing those who have turned away from the challenge that we must all strive to wards.

With prayers, religious sermons, and readings from the Word of God, the Vigil and the accompanying mass was truly a blessing for the student body at St. Johns University, that attended to remember those who has long left us due to this disease and those who are suffering from around the world from its effects.

Watch a short clip of the sermon at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWq5e2viYa8

Show your support for ONE Campaign and St. Johns University by signing up at: http://www.one.org/campus/mycampus.html?school_id=1876

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Monday, November 26, 2007

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Manhattan Transfer

Manhattan Transfer by John Dos Passos, a exquisite book that describes the interconnected lives of New Yorkers. This is the summary and analysis.

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US Government: Differences and Information

The first difference is the president of the US is always an outsider to the “mess in Washington” and has to win votes of the public to become the president; while the prime minister is always inside the channels of government, because he is selected by the legislature that is either in majority from his party or his own coalition.

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

ONE Campus Challenge - St. Johns University

My Fellow Students, we have been given a chance. We are the next generation, the leaders of tomorrow, the first generation with the will and the power to end extreme poverty as we know it. We can do it, each and every one of our actions makes a big impact on that poor soul that is suffering half-way around the world, or right here at home.

ONE is an effort to mobilize Americans to stand up for the ideals we believe, to make that difference in the world that will count. ONE Campus challenge is a friendly competition between campuses around the US to see which university would get involved most in helping to fight poverty.

Will you join? come out and voice your opinions, help fight injustice, poverty and needless suffering in this world. Help Saint Johns University, no matter what campus you are on or if you are a alumni, to stand up against poverty and end this shame on humanity.

Why should people still starve in a world filled with unprecedented prosperity?

Make a difference, this is our world, this is a ONE world, so lets voice our opinions as ONE to bring about that ONE change that can brighten the lives of millions of souls...

Visit the University website and sign-up using your email and invite you friends.

The link is http://www.one.org/campus/mycampus.html?id=-1876


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