Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Not Your Fault

A tale of abuse, violence, bad growing up and the effect of all that on a kid. All in comic book forum.

P.S. This comic is right in the sense that the UN did nothing to stop the slaughter in Rwanda - they stood there and watched as people got butchered.

This was your Life

Read this comic, it may change your life.

Merry Christmas!

Birth of Christ - Greatest Story Ever Told

Have a wonderful Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 11, 2009

T-Pain Remix: I Read A Book

This music video was made for the Smule's I Am T-Pain App Contest. We parodied The Lonely Island's "I'm On A Boat", and made our own version, "I Read A Book", by The MCsquares. Enjoy!

Oh snap get your vowels ready,
It's about to go down.
Everybody in the library hit your desks,
But stay on your damn toes.
We runnin' this let's go.

I read a book, I read a book
Everybody look at me,
'Cause i read a book
I read a book, I read a book
Take a good hard look
At the hardcover book.


I read a book, you otha suckas, take a look at me.
Held back for seven years, and now, I can read.
In the hallways, all these suckas would gimme the look.
But you cant stop me otha suckas 'cause I read a book.

Take a picture trick,
I read books quick.
Read legends, read myths, and Oedipus
I read Shakespeare, and, all his sonnets.
I read a book,
You read nothing,
You just Hooked On Phonics!

I'm writing book reports, about the books i read
Don't got room for girls 'cause i got books on my bed
Don't need Sparknotes, got it all in my head.
I read a book you otha suckas, don't you ever forget!!!

I read a book B.
Look where it took me.
I'm playing scrabble,
While yall playing hooky.

I'm the king of the board,
But y'all can call me a hero.
If your words are short,
Then you're sure not me-oh

Screw toys!
I play with books you otha suckas!
Screw weights!
I lift books you otha suckas!
Screw drugs!
My grades high, you otha suckas
This Book has words,
you otha suckas!

Hey ma, if u can see me now
Hand held high in the classroom. Wow!
Gonna pass this class with a book somehow
Like Kevin Garnett,
Anything Is Possible!!!

Yea, never thought I'd read a book
Just look how smart I look.
Y'all teachers, look at me.
Never though I'd see the day,
When a big book be coming my way.
Believe me when I say,


I read a book, I read a book
Everybody look at me,
'Cause i read a book
I read a book, I read a book
Take a good hard look
At the hardcover book.

We would like to thank Mr. Lundergan for helping us make the video, Mr. McLaughlin for allowing us to shoot the video, Mrs. Dehler for the props, Roberto Cano for the audio recording, and Armaghan Behlum, Joe Perna and Umer Ali for helping us shoot some parts.

And of course, our family for everything.

Amit Persaud + Sankha Ghatak + Stanley Soman + Emtiaz Uddin = wE

wE = MCsquares

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