Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Not Your Fault

A tale of abuse, violence, bad growing up and the effect of all that on a kid. All in comic book forum.

P.S. This comic is right in the sense that the UN did nothing to stop the slaughter in Rwanda - they stood there and watched as people got butchered.

This was your Life

Read this comic, it may change your life.

Merry Christmas!

Birth of Christ - Greatest Story Ever Told

Have a wonderful Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 11, 2009

T-Pain Remix: I Read A Book

This music video was made for the Smule's I Am T-Pain App Contest. We parodied The Lonely Island's "I'm On A Boat", and made our own version, "I Read A Book", by The MCsquares. Enjoy!

Oh snap get your vowels ready,
It's about to go down.
Everybody in the library hit your desks,
But stay on your damn toes.
We runnin' this let's go.

I read a book, I read a book
Everybody look at me,
'Cause i read a book
I read a book, I read a book
Take a good hard look
At the hardcover book.


I read a book, you otha suckas, take a look at me.
Held back for seven years, and now, I can read.
In the hallways, all these suckas would gimme the look.
But you cant stop me otha suckas 'cause I read a book.

Take a picture trick,
I read books quick.
Read legends, read myths, and Oedipus
I read Shakespeare, and, all his sonnets.
I read a book,
You read nothing,
You just Hooked On Phonics!

I'm writing book reports, about the books i read
Don't got room for girls 'cause i got books on my bed
Don't need Sparknotes, got it all in my head.
I read a book you otha suckas, don't you ever forget!!!

I read a book B.
Look where it took me.
I'm playing scrabble,
While yall playing hooky.

I'm the king of the board,
But y'all can call me a hero.
If your words are short,
Then you're sure not me-oh

Screw toys!
I play with books you otha suckas!
Screw weights!
I lift books you otha suckas!
Screw drugs!
My grades high, you otha suckas
This Book has words,
you otha suckas!

Hey ma, if u can see me now
Hand held high in the classroom. Wow!
Gonna pass this class with a book somehow
Like Kevin Garnett,
Anything Is Possible!!!

Yea, never thought I'd read a book
Just look how smart I look.
Y'all teachers, look at me.
Never though I'd see the day,
When a big book be coming my way.
Believe me when I say,


I read a book, I read a book
Everybody look at me,
'Cause i read a book
I read a book, I read a book
Take a good hard look
At the hardcover book.

We would like to thank Mr. Lundergan for helping us make the video, Mr. McLaughlin for allowing us to shoot the video, Mrs. Dehler for the props, Roberto Cano for the audio recording, and Armaghan Behlum, Joe Perna and Umer Ali for helping us shoot some parts.

And of course, our family for everything.

Amit Persaud + Sankha Ghatak + Stanley Soman + Emtiaz Uddin = wE

wE = MCsquares

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Iran cracks down on Christians (2009)

Many around the world saw Iranians march all over Iran, especially in Tehran for their freedom from a fraudulent election. However, many news outlets did not report on the second crackdown that followed - after the "Where is my Vote" protests were subdued. Voice Of Martyrs Todd Nettleton was recently interviewed by the Christian Broadcasting Network about ongoing persecution of Christians in Iran. Watch the interview above.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Sermon that Angered Many by Paul Washer

A Message That Has Angered Many by Paul Washer

Original URL:

This sermon so clearly lays out what a Christian is or isn't. "You say you have a new relationship with God, but let me ask you, do you have a new relationship with sin?"-Paul Washer. I highly recommend listening to this sermon.

Monday, September 14, 2009

HIV and AIDS in Russia | HealthMad

HIV and AIDS in Russia | HealthMad

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In a country with low population growth, 80% of the HIV infected population is between the ages of 15-30, Russia has a significant reason to worry about its future. Currently HIV patients comprise of 1% of the Russian population and an infection rate that is 10 times faster than UK. However, fear and ignorance is prominent in Russia’s tragedy.

Read more at:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Conversation with Paul Washer

Here is a conversation with Paul Washer that will be part of a documentary made at the 2008 Revival Conference sponsored by

You can see his shocking message at:

Bro Jeff Arnold preaches at LA Camp

Jeff Arnold preaches at Louisiana Campmeeting.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Revival Fire 2009 - Pastor M.J. Abraham

Revival Fire 2009 was held in Vadaserikara, in Peniel Nagar in Kerala, India by Peniel Revival Ministries Inc in May 2009. In this video, Pastor M.J. Abraham is leading the prayer before introducing the guest speaker of the night, Pastor Biji Anchal.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kuwaiti Professor speaking of attacking America

Anyone (like Barack Obama) entertaining ideas of western democracies establishing friendly relations with the radicals of the Islamic world should watch this video.While watching the inflammatory rhetoric of the speaker, remember that this is not a Jihadists from Iran but a professor from Kuwait - a country with every reason to be grateful to the USA for liberating it from the tyranny of Saddam Husseins invasion.

How are you investing your time?

A Beautiful video asking "How are you investing your time?"

Friday, April 10, 2009

Overview of Orissa Violence

India is a rough country to be a Christian, despite the freedom of religion promised in the constitution and ordered by the Supreme Court.

Standing For Jesus In Orissa

These are the stories of Christians affected by the violence in Orissa, India.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

NBC Television: Kings

This is an amazing new show that has not gained much public attention. Kings involves a complicated story line based on the Biblical story of King Saul and King David's rise to power. The show boasts great production skills, a good set of action and great royal court drama. Check out the pilot episode below.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Military Families United writes to Obama

After being ignored and their calls to the administration unanswered, the Military Families United is taking their fight to the First lady. So far, Mrs. Obama has not answered or responded to the letter. Here is the letter for your reading pleasure:

Open Letter to Ms. Obama Concerning Military Families

Washington, DC, March 11, 2009 – John Ellsworth, President of Military Families United, the nation’s leading military family advocacy organization sent the following letter to First Lady Michelle Obama concerning her involvement with military families.

Dear Ms. Obama:

As a Gold Star Father and President of Military Families United, the leading military family advocacy organization, words could not adequately express my satisfaction and optimism in learning that the needs of military families were going to be among your top priorities as First Lady. America’s military families need your attention, strength and support as they handle the costs of the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We at Military Families United were excited at the prospect of working with your office to ensure that the voices and stories of our military families were heard by the American people and the world. However, after numerous attempts to contact your office, our phone calls have been unreturned and emails have gone unanswered. When we learned of your trip to Fort Bragg this week we reached out to your office and to Fort Bragg offering our help in coordinating meetings between you and military families, but were told that our help was unwanted and unneeded.

We are the largest military family organization in the nation and we want to work with you. Unfortunately, our attempts thus far to assist you and your staff have been turned away.

As you are aware, military families bear the burden of the war on terror and share in the sacrifices of their troops. Military Families United is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that represents and supports the families of the courageous men and women in uniform who keep America safe and secure. We share your goals for honoring our troops and their families. We believe strongly that Military Families United could greatly contribute to your outreach efforts.

We are readily available to meet with you and provide the assistance to your office that will help our nation’s military families receive the recognition, appreciation, and benefits they deserve.


John Ellsworth

President of Military Families United
Proud Father of Lance Corporal Justin Ellsworth (KIA 11/13/04)

Monday, March 2, 2009

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Banning Valentine's Day

Hardcore fundamentalists and religious hindu zealots such as Pramod Muthalik have begun an organized and often compulsive drive to oppose Valentine's Day. The reason is that Valentine's Day is a bad western influence on the moral standing of the Indian society and thus must be banned. So Pramod Muthalik and his group called Sri Ram Sena (Army of Lord Ram - a Hindu God) has come to the forefront of spearheading the public repulsion of Western culture.

Underwear Protest (BBC):

Ram Sena Cheif Arrested (IBN):

Summary of the Issue:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Interesting Videos - MUST WATCH

War on Terror: Israel and India

So can Israel be Indias role model when it comes to national security? Can India do more than mere diplomatic overtures to tackle terror emanating from the neighbourhood?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

RoboCop (1987 - Watch Online

Movie Information:

Wimbledon (2004) - Watch Online

Movie Information:

Picture Perfect (1997) - Watch Online

Movie Information:

The Family Man (2000) - Watch Online

Movie Information Link:

Danny Boyle Talks about his Film

For Slumdog Millionaire the India release is a homecoming, the film weaves in all the elements of a Hindi film to all the elements of the life in Mumbai. The result is a cross-cultural cocktail, which has taken the world by storm. For director Danny Boyle a self-confessed city junkie, Slumdog is an ode to both the resilience and the unlimited possibilities of the city. In an interview with CNN-IBN the director spoke about the experience of shooting in Mumbai, the films success and the 10 Oscar nominations that its received.

Indian of the Year 2008

Watch the entire Indian of the Year 2008 Program brought to your by CNN-IBN - a program that makes Indians proud to be an Indian.

**Please wait a few seconds for the videos to load**

Part 1 (Introductions):

Part 2 (Prime Ministerial Presentation):

Part 3 (Awards in Politics):

Part 4 (Awards in Sports):

Part 5 (Awards in Business and Entertainment):

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

Part 9:

Part 10:

Part 11:

Part 12:

Part 13:

I hope you Enjoy!

Please wait for the embed videos to load... thank you

Slumdog Millionaire sweeps BAFTA Awards

Black Hebrews of Israel

Meet the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem. They emigrated from the US in the sixties in search of their spiritual home. They found it in Israels Negev desert.

Produced by ABC Australia
Distributed by Journeyman Pictures

Friday, January 30, 2009

Cool Clubbing

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Indian National Anthem: Vocal with Subtitles - "Jana Gana Mana"

This is the Indian National Anthem sang in Hindi but with English subtitles.

The song is being sung by the highest Hindu Cast, the Brahmans.

I hope you like and enjoy the meaning of the song.

Shiri Maimon


Look at me I'm here on my own, alone
feel my body trembling from a love so cold
remembering the kiss that I miss
why it came to this?
even though I watch as you go
how could I have known?

Now that love is gone
where do I belong?
was it right or wrong?
why should we go on?
silence in the air (in the air)
no more dreams to share (dreams to share)
darkness everywhere, look at me now...


Finally, I know it's time to say goodbye
Suddenly, all by myself I feel alive
I can't live a lie
No reason to cry
But now it's just time
(now it's time to say goodbye)

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Letter From Jerusalem to the World

This is the letter that the above video was based off. (But DEF see the video before you read the text below.) It's called "A Letter to the World from Jerusalem," and it was written by Stanley Goldfoot, the Founder Editor of 'The Times of Israel' in August 1969.


I am not a creature from another planet, as you seem to believe. I am a Jerusalemite- like yourselves, a man of flesh and blood. I am a citizen of my city, an integral part of my people. I have a few things to get off my chest. Because I am not a diplomat, I do not have to mince words. I do not have to please you or even persuade you. I owe you nothing. You did not build this city, you did not live in it, you did not defend it when they came to destroy it.

And we will be damned if we will let you take it away. There was a Jerusalem before there was a New York. When Berlin, Moscow, London, and Paris were miasmal forest and swamp, there was a thriving Jewish community here. It gave something to the world which you nations have rejected ever since you established yourselves- a humane moral code.

Here the prophets walked, their words flashing like forked lightning. Here a people who wanted nothing more than to be left alone, fought off waves of heathen would-be conquerors, bled and died on the battlements, hurled themselves into the flames of their burning Temple rather than surrender, and when finally overwhelmed by sheer numbers and led away into captivity, swore that before they forgot Jerusalem, they would see their tongues cleave to their palates, their right arms wither.

For two pain-filled millennia, while we were your unwelcome guests, we prayed daily to return to this city. Three times a day we petitioned the Almighty: "Gather us from the four corners of the world, bring us upright to our land, return in mercy to Jerusalem, Thy city, and swell in it as Thou promised." On every Yom Kippur and Passover, we fervently voiced the hope that next year would find us in Jerusalem.

Your inquisitions, pogroms, expulsions, the ghettos into which you jammed us, your forced baptisms, your quota systems, your genteel anti-Semitism, and the final unspeakable horror, the holocaust (and worse, your terrifying disinterest in it)- all these have not broken us.

They may have sapped what little moral strength you still possessed, but they forged us into steel. Do you think that you can break us now after all we have been through? Do you really believe that after Dachau and Auschwitz we are frightened by your threats of blockades and sanctions?

We have been to Hell and back- a Hell of your making. What more could you possibly have in your arsenal that could scare us?

I have watched this city bombarded twice by nations calling themselves civilized. In 1948, while you looked on apathetically, I saw women and children blown to smithereens, after we agreed to your request to internationalize the city. It was a deadly combination
that did the job- British officers, Arab gunners, and American-made cannon. And then the savage sacking of the Old City-the willful slaughter, the wanton destruction of every synagogue and religious school, the desecration of Jewish cemeteries, the sale by a ghoulish government of tombstones for building materials, for poultry runs, army camps, even latrines.

And you never said a word.

You never breathed the slightest protest when the Jordanians shut off the holiest of our places, the Western Wall, in violation of the pledges they had made after the war- a war they waged, incidentally, against the decision of the UN. Not a murmur came from you whenever the legionnaires in their spiked helmets casually opened fire upon our citizens from behind the walls.

Your hearts bled when Berlin came under siege. You rushed your airlift "to save the gallant Berliners". But you did not send one ounce of food when Jews starved in besieged Jerusalem. You thundered against the wall which the East Germans ran through the middle of the German capital- but not one peep out of you about that other wall, the one that tore through the heart of Jerusalem.

And when that same thing happened 20 years later, and the Arabs unleashed a savage, unprovoked bombardment of the Holy City again, did any of you do anything?

The only time you came to life was when the city was at last reunited. Then you wrung your hands and spoke loftily of "justice" and need for the "Christian" quality of turning the other cheek.

The truth- and you know it deep inside your gut - you would prefer the city to be destroyed rather than have it governed by Jews. No matter how diplomatically you phrase it, the age old prejudices
seep out of every word.

If our return to the city has tied your theology in knots, perhaps you had better reexamine your catechisms. After what we have been through, we are not passively going to accommodate ourselves to the twisted idea that we are to suffer eternal homelessness until we accept your savior.

For the first time since the year 70, there is now complete religious freedom for all in Jerusalem. For the first time since the Romans put a torch to the Temple, everyone has equal rights (You prefer to have some more equal than others.) We loathe the sword- but it was you who forced us to take it up. We crave peace, but we are not going back to the peace of 1948 as you would like us to.

We are home. It has a lovely sound for a nation you have willed to wander over the face of the globe. We are not leaving. We are redeeming the pledge made by our forefathers: Jerusalem is being rebuilt. "Next year" and the year after, and after, and after, until
the end of time- "in Jerusalem"!

LIVE: Presidential Inauguration

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hamlet: His Obsession with Death

“To be or not to be, that is the question…” Hamlet’s soliloquy is one of the most famous in literature. His contemplation of death and his obsessions with the spiritual matters occurs throughout the play and still a matter of contemplation among the scholars. Hamlet saw death as a reliable end to mortal suffering, something that can bring comfort (Watson, pf. 55). However, we clearly see a shift in Hamlet’s attitude towards death as the play progresses. He surrenders himself to his own fate – what God has in store for him… whether it is life or death. His contemplation of death and its nature gives way to a new Hamlet who has made peace with the world and is ready for whatever fate thrusts into his life.

Hamlet is usually seen as a philosophical character. He is always spilling out ideas throughout his soliloquies that can be classified as existentialist or skeptical at best. One of the classic examples in of his relativist ideas is seen in the quote “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so” (Weller, Hamlet, Act II, scene II). What makes the skeptics and the scholars equally passionate is his view towards death and its evolution.

Click the Link Below to read the rest of the article

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Real Enemy

Enemy of Palestine and Israel

Hamas is fully responsible for the current war in Gaza strip. Hamas is the real enemy to both the plaestinian people and to the citizens of Israel. The people of the muslim world must see Hamas as the enemy or the cycle of violence will never end.

Do not attack a country expecting no retaliation. Hamas broke a ceasefire brokered by Egypt and fired upon Israel - which is clearly in violation of international law and the Hamas mission statement to protect the Palestinian people.

Because of Hamas, Israel retaliated - resulting in the ensuing conflict.

The Arab league and the Libyan delegation in the UN Security Council is talking about Israeli's "disproportional actions" in Gaza but fail to mention Hamas as a terrorist group or their initial attacks or them breaking the ceasefire.

World leaders are quick to condemn Israel and are quicker to call for a ceasefire. But what is the point of a ceasefire that is NOT going to be respected? The last ceasefire issued via Egypt and agreed to by Israel and Hamas was broken by Hamas rocket attacks throughout 2008.

The attacks during the week of December 19th 2008 was the final straw, and when the ceasefire expired on December 25th 2008, Israel began operations to defend itself.

To achieve peace, Palestinian people have to realize Hamas is operating for its own self-interest, not for the interest of the people of Palestine or its Arab neighbors. As long as the Arab world and the Muslim league continue to support groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah and other Mujaheddin groups, there will NEVER be peace.

More innocents will die and many losses will occur in both sides. Non-state actors such as Hamas decrease the power of International institutions to enact and promote international law and order while inspiring more unstable environment to breed hatred, bigotry and violence.

As a people of common interest in peace, we should strive to get rid of groups like Hamas. If the Arab world truly cares for the plight of the Palestinian people, then they should effectively cease all aid to such terrorist groups while providing aid to build up the infrastructure in Palestinian territories. Only then will any real peace exist. Arab countries can make a difference - just give 1% of the oil revenue towards helping the people of Palestine, which can make a HUGE difference.

Content Source: Enemy of Palestine and Israel -

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