Monday, August 11, 2008

Russian Aggression Unchecked!

Russia is clearly in the wrong. They are attacking Georgia - clearly in areas outside of the conflict zone.

Russians are bombing civilian structures, cities, blocking food and medicine supplies into Georgia and is continually advancing troops into territories of Georgia even though Georgian troops have been holding a ceasefire for the past 48-72 Hours.

This is an act of aggression totally inappropriate for any superpower and violates numerous international treaties, laws and Georgian national sovereignty. It seems Russia wants to make sure Georgian government is overthrown and the territories split up and given independence.

This act by Russia is nothing short of a genocide! So how dare the Russians say the Georgians are committing genocide!

According to Russia, they are in the process of establishing "peace" in the territory of South Ossetia. But how is it that they are establishing this "peace" by bombing Georgian cities and airports (ship yards and military bases also) all across the country - when Georgia is observing a ceasefire???

I do not know who Russia is trying to convince but its clear Russia is clearly in the wrong now.

Russian troops are pushing from from South Ossetia in Georgia and is now outside the town of Gori. Russian forces have also entered Georgia from the breakaway region of Abkhazia. At the same time, Russia is arming the rebels in those regions to engage the Georgian troops and security personnel and then go into Georgian towns to "restore peace."

I think it is time some serious world powers get involved and kick Russian troops out of Georgia and its territories. That land is Georgia's and Georgian people and the government do not want Russia there - so why is Russia trying to enforce "peace?"

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