Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Question of Faith in India: Christianity vs. Hinduism in India

Jan 2004

Hindu fundamentalists are using tough political tactics and violence to curb the growing number of Christian conversions.

The Dalits are the poorest and most marginalised group in Indian society. Classed as 'untouchables' by the Hindu system, they live on the outskirts of society. But the arrival of Christian missionaries gave them new hope. By converting to Christianity, they hoped to escape a lifetime of persecution. "The Hindus treat us like animals," says one converted Christian. "Life is better as a Christian." But the leading Hindu party in Gujarat sees the conversion movement as little more than 'religious terrorism'. Missionaries now face huge restrictions and have to obtain permission from a magistrate to work. But with so few options available to Dalits, it seems unlikely that government legislation will slash the conversion rate.

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