Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Real Enemy

Enemy of Palestine and Israel

Hamas is fully responsible for the current war in Gaza strip. Hamas is the real enemy to both the plaestinian people and to the citizens of Israel. The people of the muslim world must see Hamas as the enemy or the cycle of violence will never end.

Do not attack a country expecting no retaliation. Hamas broke a ceasefire brokered by Egypt and fired upon Israel - which is clearly in violation of international law and the Hamas mission statement to protect the Palestinian people.

Because of Hamas, Israel retaliated - resulting in the ensuing conflict.

The Arab league and the Libyan delegation in the UN Security Council is talking about Israeli's "disproportional actions" in Gaza but fail to mention Hamas as a terrorist group or their initial attacks or them breaking the ceasefire.

World leaders are quick to condemn Israel and are quicker to call for a ceasefire. But what is the point of a ceasefire that is NOT going to be respected? The last ceasefire issued via Egypt and agreed to by Israel and Hamas was broken by Hamas rocket attacks throughout 2008.

The attacks during the week of December 19th 2008 was the final straw, and when the ceasefire expired on December 25th 2008, Israel began operations to defend itself.

To achieve peace, Palestinian people have to realize Hamas is operating for its own self-interest, not for the interest of the people of Palestine or its Arab neighbors. As long as the Arab world and the Muslim league continue to support groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah and other Mujaheddin groups, there will NEVER be peace.

More innocents will die and many losses will occur in both sides. Non-state actors such as Hamas decrease the power of International institutions to enact and promote international law and order while inspiring more unstable environment to breed hatred, bigotry and violence.

As a people of common interest in peace, we should strive to get rid of groups like Hamas. If the Arab world truly cares for the plight of the Palestinian people, then they should effectively cease all aid to such terrorist groups while providing aid to build up the infrastructure in Palestinian territories. Only then will any real peace exist. Arab countries can make a difference - just give 1% of the oil revenue towards helping the people of Palestine, which can make a HUGE difference.

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