Saturday, November 3, 2007

ONE Campus Challenge - St. Johns University

My Fellow Students, we have been given a chance. We are the next generation, the leaders of tomorrow, the first generation with the will and the power to end extreme poverty as we know it. We can do it, each and every one of our actions makes a big impact on that poor soul that is suffering half-way around the world, or right here at home.

ONE is an effort to mobilize Americans to stand up for the ideals we believe, to make that difference in the world that will count. ONE Campus challenge is a friendly competition between campuses around the US to see which university would get involved most in helping to fight poverty.

Will you join? come out and voice your opinions, help fight injustice, poverty and needless suffering in this world. Help Saint Johns University, no matter what campus you are on or if you are a alumni, to stand up against poverty and end this shame on humanity.

Why should people still starve in a world filled with unprecedented prosperity?

Make a difference, this is our world, this is a ONE world, so lets voice our opinions as ONE to bring about that ONE change that can brighten the lives of millions of souls...

Visit the University website and sign-up using your email and invite you friends.

The link is


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