Sunday, August 19, 2007

George's Crazy Night Out

It was a cloudy rainy night as usual. The days were getting shorter and the nights darker. George was having a long day and he was tired from work. As he has been doing for so long, he simply drove home. The rain storm and the dark clouds were not making this any easier on him. He simply wanted to get home, for some warm hot home-cooked food. Thoughts of home were not making the journey in the rain any pleasant. George was wondering what his wife was up to now, if his kids had already eaten dinner.

He always regretted that he could not be home more often, not even to sit and eat at a family dinner. Work was always straining, he noticed every part of his family life was in shambles. George has not slept with his wife for few months now and he longed for the past days, when they were all together even though they did not have much. He was in a hurry, it was Friday night and he was unusually late.

He did call home and did tell his wife that he probably would not make it home tonight, but the feeling of home that he so missed was intolerable. The rain is gaining in strength but he wanted to get home before it got worse. The forecast did say there was thunderstorms and heavy flooding for tonight. After over an hour stuck in the middle of nowhere in traffic, he began to see the familiar sight of his street. As George drove up, he did notice a black van parked in front of his house.

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