Saturday, January 5, 2013

Petition Gains Momentum on White House Website

Petition to recognized Pharmacists as healthcare providers under the Social Security Act begins to gain more steam. The petition is entirely spread through word of mouth of pharmacists, pharmacy students, interns, technicians, patients and the general public. Take a moment to sign the petition and let your elected officials know how much you appreciate your pharmacist.

By changing the compensation structure allowed under Medicare, we can ensure that patients have access to the medication expertise of pharmacists. Studies have shown that when a pharmacist is directly involved in patient care, patients have fewer adverse drug reactions, experience improved outcomes, and healthcare costs are reduced.
Learn more:
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5) Original Petition
6) ACCP Policy statement on this issue
7) ASHP Policy statement on this issue
8) AMCP Policy Statement
9) How Pharmacists Save Money for the Healthcare System
10) Sign the petition today and tell your friends!

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